St. Louis Incarceration Data

These data were obtained from the St. Louis County jail system and reflect criminal bookings in the county from 2010-2017.

In the underlying data, anyone booked on multiple charges had the same number of days confined for every contemporaneous charge. As such, graphs depicting days confined for specific offense types, such as "Total days confined for misdemeanor cases" may reflect individuals held on other charges that are more serious than those included in that particular chart.

Charts summarizing lengths of incarceration omit data from 2017 because individuals jailed in the later months of the year may have remained incarcerated into 2018. Rather than depict potentially misleading trends for the whole year, we have omitted the 2017 data about lengths of incarceration.

Code and data to produce these visualizations is available here.

Relevant Booking Codes

  • CSH - Cash Bond
  • ROR - Released on Recognizance
  • PRO - Property Bond
  • TEN - Ten Percent Bond
  • PRF - Professional Bond
  • SVT - Time Served
  • FTP - Fail to Prosecute
  • DSM - Dismissed
  • NP - Nolle Prosequi

Offense Types

  • I - Infraction
  • C - Citation
  • M - Misdemeanor
  • F - Felony

Bond Codes

  • I - Bond is inclusive to another charge
  • N - No bond
  • Y - Yes, they have a bond